Contest - Compliance

How can I check that a designer's work is his or her own?

Each designer is required to confirm that all work submitted is their own before they submit an entry. Every designer and contest holder can cooperate to ensure all entries are original by taking the following steps:

  • Read comments from other designers identifying any copyrighted material.
  • Ask designers about their submission/s and about whether any photos, fonts or clipart were used.
  • Use image search engines such as TinEye to identify image sources.

What happens after I report a design or designer?

All reports are confidential and are reviewed by the Contest team. If the report is valid, appropriate sanctions will be given to the reported designer or the owner of the reported entry.

How do I report a design or designer?

To report a design, hover over the image and click Report on its upper right corner.

If you are the contest holder, you will have the option to directly report a designer. To do this, click their username under their design to go to the page containing all their entries. From there, click the Report Freelancer button. 

Note: A valid reason must be provided for reporting a design or designer. To know more, click here.

Why should I report a design or designer?

We encourage everyone to report entries that violate our Terms and Conditions and Copyright Infringement Policy to protect the original works of freelancers from being stolen and prevent the contest holders from getting copied designs.

Valid reasons for reporting a design include:

  • copying another design

  • using unlicensed stock imagery or copyrighted material

  • using explicit content or advertising

  • spam

What happens if I infringe copyright?

Copyright infringement is a serious offence and will result in immediate disqualification from the contest participated in. Further action/s may also be taken.

How are my designs protected on Freelancer?

Your designs are protected by the fact that employers are only able to preview a low-resolution image for contest purposes and they must complete the Contest Handover to legally own the design you created.

What if my design is copied?

For designs that are partially copied or used as "inspiration," Freelancer will review and provide a verdict at our discretion.

For designs which are substantially or entirely copied, Freelancer will remove the entry and issue a sanction to the designer.

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