Contest - Choosing a design

Can I ask for changes to the design after selecting the winner?

Yes, you can ask Freelancers for revisions by private message or during the Design Handover.

Note: We recommend that designers try and accommodate minor revisions but anything else is up to them.

Can I divide my contest prize to multiple winners?

No, you need to award the full amount displayed as contest prize to the winner. However, you can award multiple freelancers with the same amount. 

Example with a contest prize of US$50: 
Award 1st winner = US$50, 
Award 2nd winner = US$50, 
Award 3rd winner = US$50 and so on.

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How do I choose the contest winner(s)?

You can select the winner(s) at any time during the contest. If the contest ends, you have 14 days to select one or multiple winners. The first design you choose wins the prize money. You can also offer to buy additional designs from other designers. When you're ready

  • Go to your contest page
  • Hover over the entry you want to declare the winner
  • Click "Award Prize" on the designer's entry.
  • Follow the steps to finalise payment of your prize.
  • Congratulations, you've just chosen your winner!

How do I create a Poll?

All you have to do to create a poll is select the Launch Poll option on the Contest View page, then select which entries you would like to consider.

You can then share the poll link through Email, Facebook, Twitter, your blog and any other way you like.

It's a great way to get your friends to help you by voting on up to 8 designs!

How long do I have to choose a winning design?

You can choose a winner at any time when the contest is active and within 14 days after the contest ends. If you need help, create a poll and get your friends to vote on up to 8 designs!

Note: If your contest was guaranteed the prize money will be automatically shared between freelancers if you do not award the prize within 30 days.

I was promised the prize, but it was awarded to another Freelancer. What can I do?

Designers, it’s ultimately up to the contest holder to decide who wins their contest. The good news is they can always choose more than one winning design!

However, even if someone else wins the prize, the contest holder can still purchase additional designs while the contest is still active.

What happens after I've chosen a winner?

After choosing your winning entry, both of you enter the Design Handover. It's a short process in which you and the freelancer agree to transfer ownership of the design from them to you. Once it's over, you will be the owner of the entry and the freelancer will receive their prize money!

What happens if I'm selected as the winner?

After you’re selected as the winner, we will send an email to you with instructions on how to complete the Design Handover. It’s a short process in which you and the contest holder agree to transfer ownership of the design from you to them. Once it’s over, the prize money is all yours and the contest holder becomes the proud new owner of your design!

Why is it taking so long for the Employer to declare a winner?

Sometimes it can be hard choosing a winner from so many quality entries, which is why the contest holder has up to 14 days after the contest closes to declare a winner. The good news is they can always choose more than one winning design!

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