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The Pixel Dome logo has to demonstrate the digital era we are living in. It should be about the TV hardware and the pixel represents the "dot" era we are living in as well as the basic ...

305 €200 EUR Mar 16, 2018 5 days, 23 hours Post a contest like this

The Title for the logo is to be Fizzypop Studios. I would like to have studios offset to the main title and need to incorporate a flask and 2 or 3 bubbles into the logo. (I like the ide...

34 $30 AUD Mar 16, 2018 5 days, 19 hours Post a contest like this

Please find the video at: ->Add subtitles to video (find the attached file) which must display as the...

4 ₹1200 INR Mar 16, 2018 5 days, 19 hours Post a contest like this

FERN! No other bullshit please. FERN! You need to give some examples of fonts of "gewachsenes" together with a logo of a fern (with the leaves over the text and the root under the text)...

77 €60 EUR Mar 16, 2018 5 days, 16 hours Post a contest like this

I need the name and logo for a brand related to the automotive sector, precisely for car care and cleaning. Currently we have products for cleaning interiors and exteriors of cars and c...

54 $2090 MXN Mar 15, 2018 3 days, 6 hours Post a contest like this

We would like to make a logo for "The Hidden Gypsy" We would like the logo to consist of something kind of similar to the attached image, but with two women facing eachother ( like the...

47 $40 USD Mar 15, 2018 5 days, 4 hours Post a contest like this

attach is a raw footage of an installation. Please use these footage & create the best video to win. Feel free to get creative and use your skills and imagination. The purpose of the vi...

5 $100 USD Mar 15, 2018 1 week, 1 day Post a contest like this

My name is Bret and I an entrepreneur. I'm creating a design contest (first of many) to find the top logo and web designers to contract for different projects. Currently, I am redesigni...

213 $100 USD Mar 15, 2018 5 days, 1 hour Post a contest like this