After 13 Years in the BPO Industry, a Filipina Mom Brings Her Skills to Freelancer

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Spending 13 years in the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry has taught Cebuana Janis Machacon a great deal. Through the years, she developed her skills in several fields such as sales, customer support, and business development.

Her work hours were always in a state of flux. It was difficult syncing her schedule with her family’s. In 2013, she left the industry so she can spend more time with her two kids. “Time is so precious when it comes to your little kids,” said Janis.

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She then helped manage their family business, Machacon & Associates Accounting Firm. She took on the role of Practice Development Officer where she worked with several teams in attaining the goals of the company.

During that time, she was also thinking of other ways to earn from home considering that as a single parent, she raises her children all by herself. She found an opportunity to put her skills into practice upon discovering Freelancer. Janis registered on the jobs marketplace in 2014.

Her career on Freelancer started with virtual assistant and data entry jobs. Most of her early clients were from the US and Australia. As she grew more familiar with the wide-ranging project categories on the platform, she expanded her repertoire by offering social media marketing and sales consultancy services.

After 13 Years in the BPO Industry, a Filipina Mom Brings Her Skills to Freelancer - Image 1

Janis continued freelancing on her own for the next year until she could no longer do the jobs alone. That was when she put up JKM Marketing Services and Consultancy, a business that relies on online freelance projects but caters to some local clients too.

“Freelancing has given me the privilege of managing my time. I get to balance my work and family life, which I was not able to do in my corporate job,” she said.

The company branched out and began offering web design and graphic design. To get these Freelancer projects done, she hired some full-time employees to assist her. These employees are also from her hometown, Cebu City. It started out with one helping hand then another and another. She now manages a team of six employees, which she plans to grow bigger.

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“Thanks to Freelancer, I was able to come up with my own business. I hired some locals to do the nitty-gritty as I supervise and make sure that nothing sub-par is delivered to our clients.”

Janis finds prestige in doing long-term work with her clients. She believes that quality projects are often better than their quantity. One project she continues to work on is with an Australian employer who owns a stubby holder business.

“I’ve been working on the business’ invoices and product orders for two years now. Aside from that, I also handle their customer support,” she said. “ provides a lot of opportunities to grow every single day. The platform allows me to find work, and further my business. Through it, I find long-term, high-value projects, and employers.”

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Posted 22 September, 2017

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