7 Things You Should Know As A Freelance Writer

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Freelancing is a whole lot different from a normal and traditional job. You are independent, free and completely on your own. On the other hand, in a traditional job, you have a fixed schedule, fixed pay and fixed employer. Some people choose the job while some choose the freelance career.

For those who choose freelancing as their profession, life is not simple. It is full of doubts, inconsistencies, problems and uncertainty. You never know when you will get a suitable job. Similarly, you never know whether you will be able to win that perfect bid or not. Still, a little knowledge can make your life easy and that is what I will try to give you in this article. Through my experience of freelancing, I have understood the importance of the following four things. (These are focused on writers because I am a writer myself):

Your writing quality matters:

The writing quality of your work is very important. If your work does not match the quality of the current market, you will not be able to get good projects. You can focus on improving your grammar and tone in the first place. I have seen the effects of the same and the results are imminent. You can make use of the different resources present online as well.

Practice will help you very much. You can practice on a regular basis to become better in writing.

You have to be patient:

Patience. It is one of the basic qualities of being a freelancer. In the beginning or even when you have work, you have to remain patient.

Without patience, a freelancer would be forced to quit the profession. You will have to wait for a long time before you get a good project. Your employer can delay your payment for a long duration as well. As you are an entrepreneur, you need this quality in your arsenal.

Know your strengths:

Every writer has his or her own strengths. It is possible that you write amazing SEO articles but cannot write a white paper the same way. I’m not saying that it is a good thing to be bad at something. What I’m saying is that you can focus on improving your good skill first and get projects of that. This way, you will be able to get the maximum benefits of your skill. You will also gain experience in that field very fast.

Research is helpful:

When you will do research for your specialization, you will uncover many things. The internet is very helpful and you will not encounter any problems.

Without research, you cannot expect to make good growth. Knowledge always helps. You can do research for freelancing as well as your writing specialization. It is highly probable that you will learn many new things. Believe me, researching helps. You will be able to communicate better, work better and earn more.

Keep studying:

When you will study your specialization, you will become more proficient. You can study the works of experienced and capable writers of your field to learn from them.

For example, if you are a content writer, you can visit and check different blogs and inspect their tones. The tones, selection of words and grammar are few things that you can see and learn from big blogs. Same thing applies to book writers and technical writers. The market already has better and experienced service provider and you can learn from their work.

Beware of AMNESIA:

What I want to say is- you have a life too. Do not forget the people around you. Do not forget your health, fitness and all other aspects of your life. Freelance writing can keep you engaged for a long time but you need to take care of yourself first.

If you do not concentrate on your life, apart from freelancing, you will not be able to enjoy it completely. You should eat healthy foods, meet different people, exercise. You can continue your hobbies too. People tend to forget their life when they are too much busy thinking about their profession. Don’t do that mistake.

Enjoy your work :)

You should be able to enjoy your work. It should not be a torture of any kind (torture, really?). If you do not like writing then you can change your work and field anytime you want. It is better to do work that you enjoy instead of forcing yourself.

You might say that a freelancer chooses his occupation himself. However, some people only think that they are good writers but it is not true. I have seen people who cannot write well but assume they can. These people become disappointed when they do not get appreciation in their profession. You would not want to enter that state. Embrace your work. It will embrace you too.

In conclusion, you should aim to become an expert in one field of writing first. You should know the market and yourself. Your life is valuable and you should focus on that too.

One final tip: Don’t worry much. Everything begins with a first step..

Posted 23 November, 2017


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