5 Things to Remember When You're a Freelancer

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Let me shed some light on what I have learned from working with freelancers and employers for the case study program. Employers look at three things when choosing the perfect freelancer for their projects — bid, profile, and portfolio. These three should always be in good quality if freelancers are hoping to land a lot of projects.

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If you’re taking your side hustle seriously, you should know the most important freelancing tips like the back of your hand. Successful freelancers win projects because they keep these five things in mind:

1. Write a persuasive bid

All freelancers have a shot at convincing the employers of the projects they bid on. Although, if you fail to grab their attention with your bid, you might as well bid them farewell.

Put in time and effort in understanding the project then draft your bid. What makes an outstanding bid?

  • A brief explanation of how you understood the project

  • Your experience and your plan in making the project succeed

  • Your estimate on the project’s timeline

Need a more detailed guide on writing an awesome bid? Click here.

2. Keep your profile and portfolio updated

A dull profile with nothing to boast might not get you past the bidding stage. Earn the trust of employers with a polished profile. Upload a professional-looking picture, an engaging cover image, and a list of skills and experience.

Aside from profiles, employers also choose freelancers based on the latter’s previous projects. A portfolio is your opportunity to showcase your talent so display your best works. Nothing speaks louder than a well-rounded portfolio.

Here are more tips on keeping your profile in tip-top shape.

3. Never compromise your product's quality

Now that you’ve been awarded the project, show that your employer made the right choice of hiring you. The best way to do so is by providing five-star quality service regardless of the employer’s budget.

When employers are satisfied with your work, they would give you a positive review and most likely hire you again for future projects. Having good feedback from past employers play a huge role in raking in more projects since the reviews are visible in your profile. Your primary goal should be to provide excellent service.  

4. Manage your time wisely

Freelancing lets you bid and work on several projects at the same time. Only you can scale how much work you can get done in a day, so it’s best to plot a schedule ahead of time.

Efficient time management is crucial in freelancing. Rushing and cramming can lead to sub-standard deliverables, which can, later on, cause an employer to leave negative feedback (something you should avoid at all cost).

5. Keep growing and never stop learning

Learn more about your craft or maybe another niche you want to explore. The more services you can provide, the more opportunities could come your way.

Learning new skills is not as difficult as before since there’s the Internet, which helps you access almost any learning tool — ebooks, podcasts, and platforms like Coursera and Udemy.

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Set aside time to read every day and practice your new skill. Once you attain a certain level of mastery in a particular skill, certify it on the Skills Lab. A freelancer profile filled with certifications from the Skills Lab will surely appeal to employers.

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Posted 3 March, 2017

Anton Duran

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I am the Content Coordinator of the Marketing and Communications Team at Freelancer.com. I handle the production of stories used in the Case Study Program of the community website.

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