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  • $30.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller votterol


    Jun 12, 2014

    Very good freelancer. Good communication and always in time. high quality shortly.

    Project Description:hi, I need to move wordpress website from subfolder to root. I will give wordpress account after u will accept the project. I need to do it within 24h. Activities: - still something to fix in the slideshow because when u go with the mouse close the arrows they disappear...
  • $100.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller votterol


    Jun 11, 2014

    Freelance excellent, resourceful, responsible and patient, with great professionalism

    Project Description:hello, I need to modify a wordpress template for which I have all source code and images. You should take my .PSD files, my images, my web structure and my screenshots and modify the original template to get same result u will see on my screenshot...
  • €47.00 EUR
    Profile image for Seller saoirse


    Sep 23, 2013

    quick, efficient, good job

    Project Description:I know a little bit of Classic ASP but am having problems with date formatting and Access Database. I am looking for some code that I can add into existing web pages to do the following. User clicks...
  • £38.00 GBP
    Profile image for Seller onlinede


    Jun 12, 2013

    Extremely helpful. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend.

    Project Description:I need a recaptcha form adding to a contact page built in classic asp. The page uses javascript to error check the form.
  • $60.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller RobyBlogfan


    May 30, 2013

    Excellent. I will hire again!

    Project Description:jomsocial customization as in PM
  • $190.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller TealBlueSky


    Mar 19, 2013

    Great job, very professional and good work!

    Project Description:We have a heavily customized ProductCart. The original developer is not available. Experienced ProductCart developers only, please. This should be a simple job for someone with experience with ProductCart...
  • [Sealed]
    Profile image for Seller goldtresor


    Mar 5, 2013

    Azam and his team were phenomenal. They did a lot more work than what was orgininally agreed. They worked very fast, always communicated and completed the project with ease. Azam and his team are the best choice if you look for Website design and development. I was very satisfied and can highly recommend him. Great freelancer. AAA +++

    Project Description:Hello, I have an existing ASP website with about 20 pages of content. The corporate color is green. Your job will be: - Replace the old logo with the new logo - Change the corporate colors from green to some sort of blue which matches the new logo...
  • $200.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller wespan01


    Nov 28, 2012

    Great team, delivered what turned out to be a very tricky project with minimal guidance from my end. Anytime I sent an email I'd have a reply literally within a few minutes. Will be using these guys again.

    Project Description:Hi All, Simple project here. I have a website that is a little out of date and needs to be spruced up/made to look more modern. Initially all of the pages are to have the same info, and once the layout has been completed some of the page info/photos will need to be amended...
  • $30.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller peschomd


    Nov 10, 2012

    thank you very much

    Project Description:Need attached code integrated into existing design on It's a wordpress website. I want the design on the site to stay the same but use the processing code from the attachment for jot form...
  • $50.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller phpmysqlrocks


    Nov 9, 2012

    Very good developer. Helping nature. working again with him in future. Thanks

    Project Description:I have all file which is form old server as zip and i have mssql database as .bak file need to configure on new coldfusion server.
    Shmai Inc. has not completed any projects.
  • $840 USD In Progress

    [This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]

  • $200 USD In Progress

    This is a multi project. We will define dettail by PM.

  • $500 USD In Progress

    This site about properties ( which is now static, we need to make it dynamic by using a structure that is already developed ( we have all files (front-end, back-end and DB) the static site has only few differences in the voices of the detail page of the property (example: ? id = 985) see scheda.gif file.The dynamic site was created in asp + DB in Access, and has been developed a few years ago.What we ask for is a quote includig:- Connect DB structure to the static html (we will provide html files)- Developing of a program to change the currency from euro to pounds sterling like in this site: at the top left you can select the currency (EUR, GBP, USD) in our case, must appear both currency prices, Euros and Pound, but the instrument should similar. Administrator will insert the exchange rate on back-end but if you can realize an automated exchange rate, ie the program queries the sites currency exchange automatically would like to know the price a part) to now there is an external program included on the page.- Modification of new entries / additions voices details (front-end and back-end) table "immobile" of the DB, see database2.docx file.- Make "AREAS" dynamic, which means editable, addable and erasable by administrator (Hills, Lakes, Alps, Other) column "zonaPiemonte" table "immobile" of the DB. In static site correspond to the cities (London, Berlin, Brussels, Paris)- The new site will be in a single language, in Italian (instead of dynamic site that is multi-lingual)- Have the ability to create administrators with different permissions depending on the AREA (London, Berlin, Brussels, Paris) please write the price apart- Migrate the DB from Access to SQL (please write the price apart)

  • $150 USD In Progress

    This project follows on for previous projects for shmai.Task: complete the wordpress conversion for alphaflooring 100%. Amount owed $150. Releasing $50 now. Remaining $100.If job is done complete and good detail, $30 bonus available.

  • $20 USD/hr In Progress

    We are looking someone to design an online application, looking someone with experience on asp and .net database design please let me know if you are interested.

  • $155 USD In Progress

    part 2 of the project resumed from; work is about 50%+ done, making $150 payment. $50 already paid.$200 remaining.

  • £50 GBP In Progress

    There are two elements to this project. 1/ I"d like to offer a "forgot password?" function to the attached login.asp page. This would be a link to a new page where the user would enter their email address and, if it matches a record in the members.mdb file, the password is sent to that address.2/ I"d like to offer a "course type" database query in asp similar to the attached "weather" query. The filters on the top row would be the same - "Year", Month" and "Tour" and the filters in the bottom two rows would also be the same - "First name" and "Surname". Instead of the three filters in the 2nd/3rd rows, the following would be filters for this "course type" query:"Par" - drop-down list - the relevant field for this filter is "Par" in the "Events" table in the Men1.mdb file."Yardage" - drop-down list - the relevant field for this filter is "Yardage" in the "Events" table in the Men1.mdb file."Architect" - drop-down list - the relevant fields for this filter are the "Architect1", "Architect2", "Architect3", "Architect4", and "Architect5" fields in the "Course" table (Men.mdb file). There can be as many as five different architects for each course, so the query will need to run on the text entered by the user to see if it matches the Architect in any of those five fields."Greens" - drop-down list - as with the Architect query, there are different grasses that can be used on each green so the query will need to run on the user"s selection(s) to see if it matches any of the "Greens1", "Greens2", "Greens3", "Greens4" fields in the "Course" table."Green Speed" - drop-down list - the relevant field in the Men1.mdb file is "Stimpmeter" in the "Course" table."Green Size" - drop-down list - the relevant field in the Men1.mdb file is "GreenSize" in the "Course" table.I will gladly answer any questions about these projects; though the first should be straightforward and there is a basic template to follow for the second one. I have commissioned plenty of projects on vworker and always had top ratings from the coders that I have employed.Thanks for looking.Tony

  • £399 GBP In Progress

    We are looking for a new developer to work with us as and when required. We have an extensive system written in both ASP and .NET and so it is essential that you have BOTH skill sets not one or the other. Please do not bid if you are just ASP or just .NETInitially we have four small fixes to work on in the existing system. This will help with familiarisation of the system as well. 1. To get us back to being PCI DSS compliant. We have a cross site scripting vulnerability on two pages that require fixing. Both pages are in ASP. Security Metrics who test our site say "Description: Cross-site scripting vulnerability in a parameter to /Login.asp Severity: Area of Concern Impact: A malicious web site could cause arbitrary commands to run on a client through a specially crafted link to the vulnerable server. In some cases, this could result in the compromise of the client"s cookies, leading to unauthorized access to web applications. Resolution Cross-site scripting can be fixed either by creating a customized error page which does not display the URI or applying one of the following fixes....."2. To change a display criteria (3 different areas of the same page) when a booking is made3. To change the pdf that is issued when a booking is made to be in line with the changes in 2 above - we use the Persits Persits ASPPDF tool already, so familiarity with this tool would be useful4. To integrate a new pdf to be issued by email when a certain type of booking is made (email is already sent just needs the new pdf to be attached to it when a certain type of booking is made - note the pdf needs to be created individually for each booking and stored as there are certain fields that need to be populated - we use the Persits Persits ASPPDF tool already, so familiarity with this tool would be useful)We are aware that the above will require some time to be spent familiarising yourself with our existing system and so please allow for this in your quote. The existing system is large and complex.We are looking for a company to work with on an ongoing basis and so we are looking for you to quote on a fixed price for the above and then an hourly rate for ongoing workWe have a specification for the first part of the ongoing work and we imagine that this will be something of the order of $1500 to start but will be constant as changes occur, hence we are looking for an hourly rate.Please detail in your quote1. Fixed price for items 1 to 42. Hourly rate for ongoing work

  • $8 USD/hr In Progress

    Hellowe have a website with written in asp, we have some small bugs to fix. like :error "80020009"/afdmint/accueil.asp, line 33 Best RegardsCarl

  • $222 USD In Progress

    [This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]

  • $4300 USD 3 days ago

    Looking to build a complex multi-user login website with auto emailing and texting using email templates, automated ecommerce mixed with sql database data queries, inventory management system, and highly secure with credit card storage and PII. Prefer html and sql based with asp scripts.

  • $150 USD 5 days ago

    We are looking for a web developer with knowledge of ASP Classic.We want to be able to automatically send an e-mail to someone who has left an enquiry on a website BOTH at the time of their enquiry and 24 hours later.The e-mails pulls information that has been calculated by an online quote system.The code to send the e-mail at time of enquiry has already been written.We have full access to the server the website is hosted on and the FTP files.

  • $800 CAD 7 days ago

    Need our design psd"s sliced into wordpress ASAP. I will share them with you after you are selected.

  • $400 USD 12 days ago

    We have a client who has a .ASP website.He wants to switch to a WordPress website but keep all functionality. More details and URL will be shared when you placed your bid.Please note the website has to look EXACTLY the same, not 90%.

  • $700 USD 19 days ago

    My client "a recruitement company" is thinking about creating a section within his website where his website will basically scan about 5 different job banks and should be able to feed career sections of as many companies as he wants. And as a result, user will go to his website, search job titles and his website should be able to pick up jobs with those titles. Basically client wants to be able to pick up new jobs everyday posted on job banks and company"s site and people can search for those jobs on his website.I will point out that at this point in time project is not a 100% go. Depending on price he may wants to persue or may not. So please feel free to bid for now. I will inform you if my client gives me a go ahead.

  • $200 USD 20 days ago

    Website has been hacked - SQL injectionDatabase has been hacked - SQL injectionNeed database cleanedCode checked and corrected for security to prevent another attack

  • $400 USD 22 days ago

    Retaining basic functionality, redesign style of this website:

  • $100 USD 22 days ago

    We require basic 5-6 pages responsive HTML templates, similar to the below link theme should be different, though the layout can be same or slightly different. Please send me links to verify.We need 50 such templates

  • £300 GBP 22 days ago

    We have an existing WP theme - Modernize - we need to add some content (approx 30 pages more) and re-arrange existing site layout. While this is a WP theme it uses - you must be able to do this and demonstrate that you can. The website is will send the content at some point next week and would like a turn-around of a week or so. If you have logo design skills and can optimise our site from the back-end that is a huge bonusThanks

  • £300 GBP 23 days ago

    We need a number of updates to our site - we are not fully utilising Modernize and want to!

  • £400 GBP 25 days ago

    Hi,We are looking for a website designer to design and build a website an upcoming online game set in Ancient Rome.Website will preferably need to be delivered and set up as a Wordpress site and need to implement a html 5 signup & login form and a paypal donation system.More details and example links will be provided when requested/accepted.Many Thanks

  • [Sealed] 26 days ago

    I need a wordpress designer to edit Vandora wordpress theme.Need to construct 5 pages for menu navigation, Home, Services, Portfolio, About and Contact.Portfolio- 8 categories- approximately 50 photos uploaded- photo needs to be compressed (file size) and also need to retain quality in the pictures- each product needs to go on it own product page.

  • $30 USD 26 days ago

    We have an ecommerce website built on ASP platform. We need to add a small functionality to it which is giving 2 products free if you buy 10 products. The two products will be the cheapest one in the cart.Will share website url and logins with selected developer only.Its a pretty straight forward task.

  • $300 USD 27 days ago

    I have a client that requires a simple wordpress site for their business.The site should be responsive and look beautiful. Only applicants who can demonstrate beautiful and elegant design will be considered. The main factor here is design. If you are able to build the site, then great, but I am more concerned with the design and look and feel. You MUST have experience of responsive design using the latest flat and image based styles. Below is a link to the current website. It needs a complete new look and design. I am thinking, very image heavy and nice imagery with flat design. will be no e-commerce element to the site. We may need to add on some plug ins such as Birchpress scheduler so the client can accept bookings through the site.You may need to source some imagery for the background etc. We will also be doing a logo revamp for the client as well, but this can be text based as it is now. If this goes well, there may be many other opportunites to work on similar projects together.

  • $1100 USD 27 days ago

    Hello Everybody,Required Dental Clinic Management Software with source code.1. It can be either windows or web platforms.2. It required to handle Customer Relationship Management(CRM), Electronic Dental Record(EDR), Billings and Appointments.3. While you bid please mention technology used to develop this software with screen shots and full functionality that software have.4. Shortlisted bidders required to show full demo about the system.5. Shortlisted bidders required to setup 10 days trial software in my computer.6. Strictly follow freelancer rule for escrow payments.Thanks.

  • £500 GBP Jun 23, 2014

    Background:Customer is a medico-legal company based in the UK. Customer uses a bespoke web based application providing CRM, financial, clinical and messaging components. This application uses Classic ASP, ASP.NET and Microsoft SQL Server 2008.Customer wishes to ensure the application is reliable and scalable and easy to maintain.Brief:The coder will review approximately 80 classic ASP pages. The coder will identify areas where functions can be created and include files used to minimise code. The coder will ensure that each page is written to the highest standard possible, easy to understand, well commented, optimised etc.. Note that the future plan will involve a migration to ASP.NET and this should be noted throughout and catered for.Deliverables:Classic ASP content.

  • $8 USD/hr Jun 20, 2014

    Looking for wordpress Expert. Several online projects that need maintenance, and Several projects waiting to be launched.

  • €400 EUR Jun 11, 2014

    We are a small law firm (2 young lawyers) who need a new professional website. - The website should be modelled after Please visit it to see what we are looking for. This is basically one page, divided into segments. - Only small modificications to this model are required, such as for example change of colour (blue instead of pink) and different icons. Detailed instructions for the design of the website will be provided to facilitate your job.- Domain is already registered and owned. - We write our own content for the website, and will provide you with pictures. Logo and pictures may require slight modification with photoshop. - No contact form or videos required. - Insertion of address via google maps required. - We need a back-office tool that is easy to manage to change the website content. - Website is also comfortable to view on tablet. - Website will be in English, no other languages. - No links on the website to facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter. Please show examples of similar work you did in the past. Thank you.

  • $500 USD Jun 4, 2014

    Looking for a team to make my site better. I have attached a document on what I am looking for done to the website in all of the aspects. Read through it and ask me if you have any questions. The site as it is currently works but this project is to upgrade aspects of it.the site in question is: will need indications of the price this will cost and how long it will take to finish!

  • $250 USD May 17, 2014

    I noticed you provided a social networking script-site, could you let me know how much it would cost for the same thing? It has to be in ASP, just as the previous person requested.

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May 2009 - Present (5 years)

Shmai Inc.

Manager Accounts

Oct 2005 - May 2009 (3 years)

Shahzad & co.

Contract Management<br />Managing Accounts<br />Sales Administration

Sr. Web Developer

Sep 2004 - Sep 2005 (1 year)

Noire Solutions

System Analysis and web development for projects.<br />Code Review and application performance improvement.<br />Perform the QALC on the Project.<br />Responsible for the test of new developed system.<br />Coordination with foreign clients and fulfilling their requests.



Nicon Computer College


BCS (hons)

Allama Iqbal Open University



Insitute of Computer Technologoy, Faisalabad


Masters in Business Administartion(MBA)

The University of Faisalabad





My software "Net Links" stood second in 18th March 2002 ALL FAISALABAD SOFTWARE COMPETITION & EXHIBITION.


Business Ethics

Niche Productions

Articles about freelancing business ethics.