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  • $270 USD
    Profile image for Seller ian1107


    Jan 19, 2013

    Surprisingly proactive and responsive vendor. Produced initial draft very close to final version. Quickly implemented requested adjustments. The received final product was immediately usable. Awarded a bonus.Would hire again.

    Project Description:[This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]
  • $75 USD
    Profile image for Seller vflorea


    Dec 17, 2012

    Great work. Very professional.

    Project Description:Hello, I need a suite of flash banners - 2-3 variations covering 2-3 standar sizes. The banners will advertise a forex membership site and will have the text in Romanian.
  • €250 EUR
    Profile image for Seller bondk


    Jul 17, 2012

    Perfect job, will work with them again

    Project Description:Banner design project: (flash / jpeg) We are looking for a designer to create a set of banners. We need someone that is able to create and design banners that will fit into our existing brand and design...
  • $300 USD
    Profile image for Seller startup12345


    Jun 1, 2012

    Very professional and fast, would hire again.

    Project Description:Hello, We need a wordpress theme to be installed, configured and also we need to have a little bit re-designed so it would match with our company s identity. So, the CSS skills are also important to re-design it...
  • $500 USD
    Profile image for Seller Draleo


    Apr 3, 2012

    As Requested And Agreed

    Project Description:Job for Knouraweb
  • $42 AUD
    Profile image for Seller HLWW


    Mar 27, 2012

    The freelancer completed the job to the brief.

    Project Description:The job is to design 1 main page website banner/header graphic 450 X 250 approx . The banner will have multiple slides and or images. 3 to 4 images in the one banner. . The banner must be of the highest quality design...
  • $78 USD
    Profile image for Seller marcus33cz


    Mar 22, 2012

    There were some communication problems and misunderstandings but overall, I'd definitely recommend Arup for flash banners.Thanks again.

    Project Description:Hi, I need four HIGH QUALITY banners. The banners can be fairly similar in the basis but there should be some differences. The requirements are: - for each set there must be these sizes: 728*60...
  • $72 USD
    Profile image for Seller lyndonmedia


    Mar 12, 2012

    It was nice to work with Arup.Very good communication.

    Project Description:Hi Everyone, Are you a professional designer ? Do you have enough experience in doing flash banners for magazine or for media or communication industry? Can you provide me with at least 10 professionals...
  • $48 USD
    Profile image for Seller orgdevcon


    Mar 1, 2012

    Great to work with, very capable. They were able to revise with feedback quickly and to expectation. Will use again.

    Project Description:Looking for Graphic Designer for ongoing design work for E-mail and Website/Banner Advertising Campaigns. We need an immediate design for one e-mail newsletter with 1 leaderboard ad (728x90 px) and one half skyscraper ad (170x200 px)...
  • $70 USD
    Profile image for Seller blapjax


    Feb 17, 2012

    Very Professional. Will Hire again.

    Project Description:I want someone to make or create me a 3 flash animated banner/ Animated Gif (probably be about 5- 10 Seconds long. ) advert for my websites, Bid only, if you can do the job and delivery on time. Other detail will come later...
    knouraweb has not completed any projects.
  • $1540 USD In Progress

    IMPORTANT1.The project will be considered finished only when ALL requirements are met for Usability, Performance and Conformance to specification contained within the specification document. I do not want to hear you are running out of time. If you do not agree with this please don’t bid. 2.No requirements are to be added or removed without consent from both parties.3.Application must use/be coded on PhoneGap platform, which will be compiled to work on both Iphone"s as well as Android devices4.The application will use Push Notifications on both Android and Iphone:4.1.Android will use Google Cloud Messaging (GCM)4.2.Iphone will use Apple’s Push Notification Service5.Server-side application (webservices) must be coded using PHP and MySQL, using latest security and encryption techniques.6.Any bugs found will be reported and must be fixed.7.Full Project/Code/Resources/Keys must be sent to me at the end of the project8. You must understand requirements, speak good English and be able to provide ideas/enhancements if applicable.9. Emphasis is on the coding of the application, the interface only needs to mimic all features (be at least usable) and will be enhanced by myself after project is finished.APPLICATION OBJECTIVEObjective of the application is to create a ‘live’ instant messaging system using Google Maps. In other words, users will register using Google+, Facebook or Twitter and be taken to a usual Google Maps screen showing their current location, other users using the application will be shown on the map and when clicked upon, they can see the user’s profile and send messages to one another (similar to Popular Instant Messaging mobile applications)Alerts can be set, which will monitor for users whom search criteria fits and will notify user when found.More details and additional requirements will be found on the detailed document sent to the freelancer.Main Functionalities:1) Users will be shown real-time on Google Maps2) Instant Messaging system between any user (similar to Popular Instant Messaging mobile applications)3) Alerts can be set to search for other users which will trigger and notify user based on criteria set4) Database:4.1.Cloud server backend should be done in PHP and MySQL4.2.Webservices should use strong security and encryption techniques.4.3.All messages will be stored both locally as well as on a remote database cloud-hosted, two-way which will sync5) Geolocation of users must be smart and well coded (determine location using best provider, not waste power, etc)Compatibility:2.1.Android:2.1.1.Minimum version supported: Froyo - API 8 - v2.2.x2.1.2.Target SDK: API 172.1.3.Maximum version: Latest Android API available2.2.Iphone:2.2.1.Minimum version supported: Iphone 3GS and earlier version (including Iphone 5)2.2.2.Target iOS: 5.1+

  • $520 AUD In Progress

    Require 4 pairs of flash animations for a website.This is for a sales incentive - when a sales person reaches 100% of target they will see they have qualified for one prize. As represented by the following flash animations:A pair of chopsticks picking up a prawn from a plate. - Once the sales person reaches 100% of target he collects one prawn, and at 115% he collects 2 prawns.1 or 2 skiers appearing on a chairlift over a ski field - Same concept as above. One or two people on the chair.1 or 2 Sumo wrestlers stomping on the ground1 or 2 people travelling in a Vietnamese cycloIf a sales person has not reached their target they will see an empty version of the above. i.e. Chopsticks not being able to pick up the prawn, an empty chair lift, an empty sumo ring, and only the cyclo driver with no passengers.

  • $422 USD Yesterday

    Hi I am looking for someone to create a short 1 minute story based around our logo.We want the logo to come alive and explain our services.The only motion of the logo will be, moving hands or changing of location.Not to much movement, as text will be guding the story.I will give more details to chosen candidate.

  • $1112 USD Yesterday

    I would like a cartoon music video made for my song. Similar to the "Gorillaz - Clint Eastwood" video (see link below)The main character will sing the lyrics to the song and dance. The theme of the video is based off of the cartoon "SpongeBob Square Pants". (see example below) Therefore, characters from that TV show will be in the video, and the environment will be the same as the cartoon"s.If possible, the environment could be a "parallaxing" background to show a little 3D feel. (see example below)I am good with video editing, but I"m not good with animation. If I can hire a great animator, I can piece the video together myself.Song link: reference: reference: Example 1: Example 2:

  • $433 USD Yesterday

    I am need a map animation that will look something like your GPS screen when you are driving to a location. It can either be a simple 3D loop track with a car on it (looking much like a model train track from above), driving around in circles, or it could be a more sophisticated 3D animation with the car driving "forward" along the track.At random intervals I want photos of global icons to grow off the the left and right, at random internvals, randomly on the left and right, random sizes. A maximum of maybe 10 icons - things like the White House, the Eiffel Tower, the Tower of Piza, The Kremlin, London Bridge or Buckingham Palace, The Taj Mahal...10 countries, ten identifiable landmarks.The total animation should not be more than about 2 or 3 minutes.This animation will run in the background of a web page, much like the current home page background, but it must be in sharp focus, not out of focus.

  • $443 USD Yesterday

    Greetings:Looking to make a 30 second animated video that is simple, easy on the eyes, fun but right to the point. This video will introduce a potentially ground-breaking technology that could let a vehicle, truck or airplane travel upwards of x10 the distance. We"ll only cover a passenger vehicle with this video.I am developing this from my garage, so resources are naturally tight. I want to create a really short but slick info video detailing how this technology could potentially be integrated into existing vehicles (requires barely any mechanical changes in vehicle itself). Hoping to take a risk with this video to catch the eyes of bigger firms, *excellent* creative insight and intuition would be much appreciated.Here are a few video examples that I"m leaning towards (just the flow of videos, not necessarily designs):rough example 1: example 2: like the sharpness of these videos (albeit the topics are not connected). Either way, I"m looking for a designer with a knack for flow to help me out on this one. If all goes well, I would like to continue working with you to create more sophisticated videos and info graphs in the coming weeks/months (so be nice to me on price, i"m just a little fish in a big pond) ;pHere is a little breakdown I"ve done to explain sort of where we need to be. There are a few really great points about the technology I haven"t included in this breakdown, but I will get that stuff drafted out tonight, just some text additionsrough breakdown of tech (take the reins, please): for a slick explanation of how this could work in a simple/clear but fun and slick way. You have creative control of this project as long as we stay within the rough guidelines. Looking forward to seeing the first draft :)Happy biddingGavinToronto, Canada

  • $250 USD Yesterday

    Short (:30-40) ads describing my product and who we reach.

  • $172 USD Yesterday

    map showing the civilisation expanding in jeddah city

  • £505 GBP Yesterday

    1. The Scene starts with a full surface spinning world (like first clip) It starts zooming out (like 53 seconds in but smaller with stars behind) Start to see space4. The earth has an ethereal white net around it5. The core of the earth starts to light up with a pulsing white light6. You then see white light flashing all around the world7. Then particle orb streams in 3 colours starts shooting around the world8. The core white intensifies...the colours intensify and the dots intensify9. Then it dims down and boom...the core white pulsing light shoots out to a 4 pointed star and pulsates at full size cover the world (see logo) - The ethereal mesh sprays out in particles as its disintegrated by the star - The three colours are glowing and moving around the earth (like the aurora borealis...see logo) - The writing "Freedom Star Project" also shoots out from centre (see logo for text) - The background also changes from space (dark with stars) white10. The writing "freedom Star Project" disperses like particle diffusion and it is replaced by "Positively Inspiring The Music Industry"11. The writing disperses again and the whole image shrinks to a small size and still spins in the bottom right corner.12. The background is now set to have interviews etc.

  • $1112 USD Yesterday

    I am looking for someone who can design in a HIGH level of 3D animation. I need to create a character that will represent my company and logo. Similar to the Geico Lizard for Geico Insurance (see animated character here..... you can do that level of animation and you are able to design a character for me, please bid.

  • $305 USD Yesterday

    Hi, we need to create an animation for an logo of an client to use in an 5 seconds promo video.The video video its to show after an partner video, it should have 5 seconds (not more them 2.5 - 3 seconds to complete the logo because we need to show the logo at least 2 seconds)We want some original animation, please if you use VideoHive projects don"t apply for this job.

  • $1055 AUD Yesterday

    I"m looking for someone to assist in creating an explainer video. This would include everything from copy writing, voice over and animation. An example of the expected outcome would be nothing to dissimilar to:

  • £42 GBP Yesterday

    I want a logo designed for my jewellery business - something that looks sophisticated, elegant and professional

  • $1100 AUD Yesterday

    Austral Business Machines- Re design and Build a WebsiteCurrent Website: Website requirements:1. All information on existing website is to go onto new website.2. The website needs to have a fresh new look. (not to have a dark background) 2a) needs to have a Full Header and Footer 2b) additional pages need to be added3. Facebook linked to the website4. The website needs to be able to be viewed the same on computers, ipads and mobiles5. As the user we need to be able to easily: 5a) insert photos and descriptions as seen here- and here- 5b) insert flash 5c) change the name of the tabs seen on the home page6. The winner of the Project will have ongoing work when changes are needed to the website.7. This Project needs to be completed within 1 month.8. Once you have bid on this project please comment as to what you would do to make this website more professional, fresh looking and easy manage from a business point of view.9. Payment will be in three stages 1- Beginning 2- Half completed 3- Fully completed

  • $172 USD Yesterday

    I need a flash video produced for a multi level marketing site. That will entice people to join our program. The flash will need to be converted to a you tube video as well.

  • $211 AUD 5 days ago

    Hi Guys,I have a wordpress website using Mystile theme and I would like to add a Marketplace on it.Criteria of the marketplace I want:-Possibility for each member to:oCreate and manage their pages of products (description, price, pictures insertion)…via a template defining number max of words per description, pictures sizes..oAccess its page via a secured access (login + password)oBe able to manage its stock: quantities and availabilities-For each change done requested on a member page, I want to receive an alert. A change could not appear online unless I validate it.-A system able to calculate automatically my commission on each sales-A system able to generate automatically the invoice and send it to the customer, as well as personalized email to confirm that the order has been accepted, that the order has been sent, to send survey..= to manage automatic email sending. I also want buttons or anything that allow me to resend en email manually if necessary-An accessibility to the summary of what I owe to each member at the end of the month but I want to be able to process manually monthly payment to Market Place sellers-A secured access for the final customers (login+Password) – not mandatory for the customer to purchase-A database recording all customers details (name, surname, postal address, telephone…)-Possibility for the customer to buy as a “guest” (without secured access) or to create an account which allow it to register its details and not have to fill them every time it connects on the website -Payment per Paypal and Credit Card possible-Discount management system-Multiple shipping options offeredI need that your offer includes all plugins fees, development and installation on the web host - I am taking care of the web hosting plan.I am awaiting your feedbacks!E.

  • $722 USD 5 days ago

    Hinew offerteI would like new online shopis it possible the Copy all (this is not my shop)new in shop Boulettastore.chAll PicturesAll textAll colors of caseAll article numberswith shopping cartwhat it costsMy english is not so good

  • £1234 GBP 5 days ago

    We have a homepage design all ready to be used as a start for our back-end database website.We are an indoor shipping container boutique warehouse - and indoor pop-up shopping mall based in Southampton, UK.We need a fairly detailed, complex back end system that can handle multiple members, users and handle stock inventory, barcode generating, online sales and live sales in the warehouse.Users of the system will include:Admin 1,2 & 3Shoppers & SellersMerchantsCaterersAdvertisersService ProvidersAll will need separate accounts, secure log-in, record cards that record all activity as well as their personal data and online profile.We operate the facility and website, enabling independent retailers and merchants to rent physical space in our warehouse to trade from shipping container boxes.Merchants will have the additional support of our online website, which will operate in a similar vein to eBay - allowing them and other sellers to incorporate their stock onto our inventory, to sell online.The design needs to work alongside our homepage layout - which is of a Retro feel, and the rest of the pages and website will need to be delicately structured with empathy and quality.Users must be able to navigate freely and easily around the site and functions to quickly upload stock, search items, buy products etc from our users and merchants.The whole system must tie in with our live EPOS checkouts to adjust the inventory when items are sold from inside the warehouse.The system quantifies sales, credits merchants accounts and manages statements for merchants and sellers.The Retro / Old style curiosity shop must be conveyed in the design of our additional pages - and as much as the back-end is crucial, so too is the design and clever marriage of the whole system - including SEO.. All pages must be expertly loaded with all relevant SEO metadata and search engine features to ensure it"s high ranking at all times.We will accept Paypal, Credit / Debit cards,

  • $444 USD 5 days ago

    Hello everyone! We"re looking for a reliable and professional web designer and SEO Expert to help us develop a ecommerce website which would function with dropshippers..basically in that way we do not have to carry inventory and we just work on commission by dropshipping..besides that you need to create a marketing plan in order for the website to generate traffic and sales thus making the website profitable..The idea is that it should be simple and easy to use but can display the information of a business or service in a very clean and complete way.Instead of the ecommerce website being dedicated to just one particular niche..we would prefer it to be a generalized one where we can sell different types of products and not just products of one niche..thereby being able to have more products on the website and being able to appeal to more potential clients in order to make more sales..We would prefer that the Freelancer who is awarded the project have a list of Dropshippers and place and thereby building the website for us with contracts in place with Dropshippers and thousands of products posted on the website..Also setting up of payment gateways and shopping cart, etc..because if not i could just go online and order a website from one of the many companies that offer dropship websites with contracts in place for only 100$..but we want a professional to do a good job in order for us to stand out from the crowd..Our budget for this work is maximum 400$..besides that the developer will be responsible to offer us a marketing plan and explain to us how they will generate traffic for the site in order for us to make sales and be it link building , Google shopping Feed, off page SEO, on page SEO, PPC adwords or a combination of all..We want to generate a profit of at least 500$-600$ a month after all expenses for marketing, please bear in mind that besides paying for the website we don´t mind paying a minimum monthly amount for SEO and marketing in order for the website to be profitable..but it cannot be a very high monthly amount..and this monthly service has to be provided with a guarantee..that if results and sales are not generated we will not pay this monthly fee..therefore you must be a expert in this kind of marketing and promoting ecommerce websites..if it is very high we will not even consider your bid..So when you place your bid please place a bid for the website and a bid for the fee we need to pay monthly for marketing the website so we know that you have read the entire project.Anybody who doesn´t put a detailed bid the way we want it or a very high bid will not even be considered for the project.Please send us examples of your previous works related to this project and if possible references of successful and profitable projects completed by you and which are similar to our project..Remember..Please read this project in detail before Bidding...nd only bid if you are an expert and have experience in similar projects...our budget for the project is 400$ and then a reasonable monthly amount for marketing..but we will only pay this amount if the site is profitable.Please advise how long it will take to complete the project.Thank you very much

  • £25 GBP 6 days ago

    Logo/Avatar for business webpage based upon existing photo symbolising Wellbeing

  • $61 USD 6 days ago

    We need a new logo for our line of skin care products. The existing logo is enclosed for reference.Create a strong but simple, clean, and elegant logo which will be used on our skin care products, packaging print and website. Maintain purple colour theme, if possible. As skin care products are distributed in rather small containers and tubes, the logo style should be scalable and still be clear at reduced size.As our products compete in a market with established skin care brands, we are looking for an image that says "EXPENSIVE" so stay away from cartoon style logos. The logo word to be used in the design is “GLOW”Budget is $75.00

  • $250 AUD 6 days ago

    Logo for orthopaedic surgery practice. Knee surgeon. For use on letterhead and maybe for large transfer onto glass door etc. Circular.double circle divided 16 radians SYDKNEEDOC 1991 around circle. Stylised Knee lateral in centre. Or any idea you have! Need whatever file type needed for printer and ?jpg for filing for registering a trademark (australia) Letterhead size approx 25mm / 1 inch

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