How to Sell on

Before selling your files on it is important to read this document and understand the process. Everyone is able to upload and start selling on Freemarket.

How do I Start Selling Files?

In order to start selling files the first step is to ensure you have a account. If you haven't got one you will need to register before you are able to start selling. Once you have registered for an account the next step is to upload files that you want to sell. It is important that you upload files into the correct categories as this sorting will boost your overall sales.

Once your files are uploaded they will be manually reviewed by our dedicated approval staff to ensure they are working as described and are a good match for the particular categories. The approval staff will also check the price you have placed and amend or leave the pricing if it is priced accordingly.

After this approval process your item will appear on and in your store ready to be sold. In both approval and rejection instances you will be sent an email letting you know the status of your files.

How The Freemarket Works? is a place where you can buy and sell stock items such as javascript files, wordpress files, icons, PHP files, vectors, HTML templates, backgrounds, graphics, printing materials, videos, 3D models, PSD templates, sound files, music and flash files.

Sellers upload their items to their own store and buyers are able to browse through categories or search for items they are interested in. Buyers have the option to buy files they find and will transfer money from their freelancer account to the seller's freelancer account. Once this has happened the buyer is able to download the file and the seller can use their funds on the site or alternatively withdraw their money using one of our three methods, PayPal, Moneybookers or Payoneer.

What Commission is Awarded to Sellers?

Once your item is listed in your store and the Marketplace buyers will be able to purchase them and download them. You will initially earn 40% commission for every item you sell. This percentage can potentially earn up to 70% commission as you sell more items.

Exclusivity also increases the percentage commission you earn. More information about selling items both exclusively and non-exclusively can be found here:

How Does Payment Work?

When you sell an item buyers will pay you by using funds in their account. You are able to withdraw funds or earnings from your Freelancer account at any time using one of three methods, PayPal, Moneybookers or Payoneer. Withdrawals occur once a week.

Technical Upload Requirements

In order for your files and products to be approved you must follow specific guidelines when uploading content. When uploading files you will need to include:
  • Title - Minimum of two words and should be a suitable title for your file or applications

  • Description - This description is used when buyers search so it is important to be as descriptive and detailed as possible. Include tutorials and how to if necessary.

  • Keywords & Tags - This requires a minimum of 3 keywords which need to be separated by commas. This will help when buyers search for files so please ensure they are suitable and as accurate as possible.

  • Files included. - Describe all source files that will be included such as PSD, fonts folder, documentation, HTML, XHTML....)

  • Thumbnail - This is a small thumbnail to represent your item when people are browsing and searching the Marketplace. (Needs to be 156x92px)

  • Preview - This is a medium screenshot of your item and will be displayed in your product page. (Needs to be 590px wide)

  • Screenshots - These JPEG, PNG or GIF screenshots will make up a slideshow to show off your item.

  • Download Zip File - This will include ALL files in a ZIP archive. Be careful and double check this as this will be the file that will be sold and downloaded.

  • Price - Suggest an appropriate price for your item.

These are all the requirements during the upload stage. Once you have uploaded our team of approvers will go through to ensure everything is working and the item is suitable for

Legal Requirements as a Seller

By uploading and selling your items on you are making an agreement with the and all the buyers that you fully own the item. You have the responsibility to ensure the item belongs 100% to you and that you one full copyright.

Here are some requirements to comply with copyright violations:

  1. Use of brand names, logos or trademarks is NOT allowed - For Example you cannot use a photo of an HP laptop if the HP brand name, logo or trademark, is clearly visible on the photo.
  2. Use of patented and trademarked product designs is NOT allowed - For Example the iPhone is a trademarked design and you cannot use the same design.
  3. Use of photographs or replicas of artworks such as paintings, sculptures and architectural landmarks is NOT allowed - For Example you cannot use the Mona Lisa or a replica of the Leaning Tower of Pisa.
  4. Items based on or similar to another item for sale on the Marketplace or another website are NOT allowed - For Example you cannot submit a website template based on Google.
  5. Items based on an entire tutorial or sections of a tutorial, even if you have been granted a license to reuse the tutorial, are NOT allowed - For Example you cannot submit an item created by following the steps in a tutorial.
  6. Items that have been decompiled or otherwise reconstructed from another item, even if you own the rights to the item, are NOT allowed - For Example you cannot sell a Flash file based on a decompiled Flash file.
  7. Items that use components from any other source are NOT allowed, UNLESS it is specifically stated that you can reuse the component - For Example you cannot use a file or parts of that file in another file for sale, unless the license for the former file allows you to do so.
  8. Items that use government or military property are NOT allowed - For Example you cannot submit an item showing the official Seal of the President of the United States.
  9. Resale of purchased or downloaded Items is NOT allowed - For Example - you cannot submit items that you have previously purchased or downloaded from another website.
  10. Items BASED on purchased or downloaded Items are NOT allowed For Example you cannot submit an item based on an item that you have previously purchased or downloaded from another website.
  11. Use of photos, videos or sounds for which you do NOT have a commercial license to reuse is NOT allowed - Only photos, videos or sounds that you have created and/or purchased or acquired under a commercial-use license are allowed in files.
  12. Upload of items that include recognizable human features is NOT allowed - unless there is a signed model release that grants permission to use the recognizable human feature.
  13. Upload of items that include recognizable private locations is NOT allowed - unless there is a signed location release that grants permission to use an image of the location.

Make sure you a familiar with the content above before selling on